Richard Sikora
The UK Mind-Reader

Showcasing his talents at parties, weddings and corporate functions,
Richard Sikora’s mind-reading entertainment is always a guaranteed hit at any event.

He truly has to be seen to be believed…

..and you will believe.

Mind Reading Entertainment

Richard Sikora lives in Exeter, Devon but travels all over the UK providing professional mind-reading entertainment at a huge range of events. From corporate functions to weddings, trade shows to private parties; any event will benefit from Richard’s fun and unforgettable style of entertainment.

He will engage with and amaze your guests before, during and after your celebration, between tables at your wedding dinner, or even by providing a fun and interactive way to promote your products and ideas at trade shows and other events.

If you are looking for entertainment for your event that your guests will be talking about for many years to come then you are at the right place!

Previous Clients Include:

Amazing Entertainment
for All Ages

Richard Sikora’s performances have been described as ‘powerful’, ‘baffling’, ‘amazing’, ‘magical’, and ‘terrifying (in a good way!)’. His style is laced with wit, comedy, astonishment and hands-on interaction. Not only will your guests be amazed by what Richard will show them, they will be forced to re-evaluate the very nature of reality and will leave your event with memories to cherish forever!

Richard Sikora can perform close-up mind reading entertainment in a variety of settings, whether mixing in a reception, at the dinner table, stand-up on stage or by promoting your company or message at a trade show or exhibition.

Make Your Event

You can book Richard Sikora with full confidence in his ability to entertain and amaze. With over a decade of performing experience at weddings, parties, pubs and clubs all over the south of the UK, Richard knows how to keep your guests entertained whilst connecting them with each over in a fun, interactive and truly memorable way.

Relax knowing that your guests are in capable hands. Whether your guests all know each other or are complete strangers, Richard Sikora’s entertainment will bring them together, break the ice and leave them with a lot to talk about.

No Party Too Small...
No Trade Show Too Big!

Whatever your event: Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Weddings, Dinners, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Trade Shows and Corporate Events are just some of the shows that will benefit from and be made memorable by Richard Sikora’s mind reading and magical entertainment.

Contact Richard Sikora to find out how he will make your event the one that will be remembered forever.

Based In

Exeter, Devon

Available for Bookings

Across the South-West UK

What is a Professional Mind Reader Anyway?

What is a professional mind-reader? That’s a good question! The most famous professional mind-reader in the UK currently is Derren Brown. If you have ever seen Derren Brown perform on stage or television then you already have a good idea of what a professional mind-reader is.

In a nutshell, a professional mind-reader has studied many techniques in the fields of psychology, para-psychology and human behaviour, as well as some more obscure and lesser known techniques.

Different mind-readers, with their own unique areas of study, will then use this knowledge to display their demonstrations of a range of seemingly supernatural feats. Some professional mind-readers appear to make items move or twist of their own accord (à la Uri Geller), some can predict the outcomes of events before they even happen (just like Derren Brown), while others can use their trained intuition to give personal readings or study a persons behaviour and body language to read into their thoughts.

Richard Sikora combines his skills as a professional mind-reader with his ability to connect with people in order to provide a fun and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Come see what all the fuss is about!